What Is DentaQuest?

DentaQuest is an organization that provides dental benefits. It is the third largest dental benefits administrator in the United States. DentaQuest’s mission is to help people improve their oral health while managing their dental care costs.

DentaQuest offers dental benefits solutions to its members while promising them a higher quality of delivery of dental service at a lower cost. It has approximately 20 million members across the United States. DentaQuest works with private dental offices as well as hospital-based clinics and safety net dental programs. DentaQuest offers insurance plans that include state plans, health plans and group plans.

DentaQuest operates a foundation and an institute. The DentaQuest Institute uses solid scientific and clinical research to promote improvements in the effective delivery of dental care. It offers clinical care and practice management solutions to those who provide oral health care to enhance the quality of care that they provide. To do this, DentaQuest Institute identifies key areas where gaps exist in the amount of knowledge that practitioners and others have concerning management and prevention of oral disease. The DentaQuest Foundation also has a purpose of supporting and promoting oral health. Its goal is to end dental disease in children and improve lifelong oral health.