How Do I Get a Dent Out of My Chrome Bumper?

To remove a dent in a chrome bumper, remove the bumper from the vehicle, soften and heat the metal, and place a silicone mat and block of wood over the dent. Tap the wood with a mallet, and then check the smoothness of the dent.

  1. Remove the bumper

    Remove the bumper, and place it on a workbench. Get someone to hold the bumper upright to prevent more dents from forming.

  2. Soften the metal

    Use a rubber mallet to soften the metal by gently tapping the back of the dent.

  3. Heat the metal

    Heat the metal with a propane torch, but do not overheat.

  4. Place a silicone mat on the dent

    Place a silicone mat over the dent to prevent the dent from popping out the other side.

  5. Place a wooden block on the dent

    Place a wooden block on the silicone mat. Tap the block with the rubber mallet, lightly at first and then gradually harder.

  6. Check the smoothness of the dent

    Check the dent throughout the tapping process to make sure it is smoothing out. Continue heating and tapping until the chrome appears smooth.

  7. Replace the bumper

    Remove the block and silicone mat, and then install the bumper onto the vehicle.