What Is the Density of Apple Juice?

vanillaechoes/Moment Open/Getty Images

The density of apple juice is 8.75 ounces per cup, or 140 ounces per gallon, because one cup of unsweetened apple juice generally weighs 8.75 ounces. By comparison, one cup of water weighs eight fluid ounces.

One cup of unsweetened apple juice contains 114 calories with 24 grams of sugars. Nutritionally, one serving of apple juice includes 4 percent of a person’s daily supply of vitamin C, 2 percent of calcium and 2 percent of iron.

Apple juice is made by mashing apples in a press, filtering the particulate matter out and then pasteurizing the juice. Sometimes, sugar and vitamin C are added. Apple juice lasts longer on the shelf than apple cider. Apple juice does not need to be refrigerated due to the pasteurization process.