How Do You Delete the Browser History on an LG Phone?

To delete the browser history on an LG phone, tap the Settings icon, tap Privacy and Security, tap the Clear History button, and then tap Yes to confirm. Although the exact process of deleting browser history varies depending on the LG phone model, this process works on LG Optimus.

To effectively delete your browser memory on an LG phone, you also need to delete the cache and cookies. The availability of cache and cookies, even after deleting your browser history, makes it easier for the browser to predict what you are searching for, based on your previous browsing history.

To delete cache and cookies, tap the Settings icon on the homepage of your LG phone, and then tap on Privacy and Security tab. Tap on Clear Cache to clear all pages that have been saved by your browser, and then tap the Yes button to confirm.

To delete all cookies that have been saved by the browser, tap Clear All Cookie Data on the Privacy and Settings page, and then tap Yes to confirm. Close the browser by pressing the Home key and then reopen it. Go to the history page of your browser and check whether the previous history has been deleted.