How Do You Do a Delaware Judiciary Case Search?

Delaware judiciary cases can be searched online at the Delaware State CourtConnect website, according to its official page. Both civil and criminal cases can be searched using the online docket search platform.

Public records and judicial rulings and proceedings can also be obtained by visiting the county clerk’s office of vital records or the county courthouse in Delaware where the case was filed. When searching records through the online platform, users can search by a person’s name or a business name; the case type; or docket number, if known, explains the Delaware State CourtConnect website. Case information, activities, pending hearings and court dates and judgments can be viewed as this information is public record by law.

The courts included in Delaware’s online court case search system include the supreme court, superior court, court of chancery, family court, court of common pleas and justice of the peace court for civil cases, notes Delaware State Courts, the official website of the Delaware Judiciary. Criminal cases charged by the state can be viewed as well as detail judgments against a person or business in addition to fines imposed, sentencing or jail time and all charges and documents filed during hearings and trials associated with the case.