Where Does Deforestation Occur?

Deforestation happens all over the world, most notably in the Amazon and Congo. Because forests cover roughly 30 percent of the world, many other areas face deforestation, including Canada, Ivory Coast, Indonesia and the United States, according to the World Resources Institute.

The best-known locations of deforestation are the rainforests in the Amazon and Congo, but because of this recognition, there are many groups and conservation efforts dedicated to fighting the damage. Other areas, such as Paraguay, are often overlooked, however, according to the World Resources Institute.

The World Wildlife Federation says that deforestation includes unsustainable logging and agriculture, climate change and clear cutting for building and farming. These are difficult to control in many areas, because the local population is uneducated about the affects of deforestation. Some forms of deforestation, such as wildfires, are out of human control and are much more difficult to fight.

Deforestation causes an increase in greenhouse gas emissions, since there are fewer trees to process this gas. It also increases erosion due to the lack of trees holding the earth in place, and a change in the water cycle. Educating people about deforestation is one of the most important ways to fight it, but designating protected areas and imposing limits on logging and cutting down trees are also crucial.