What Is the Definition of “table Skirting”?

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“Table skirting” is defined as draping a table with a table cloth in order to give the table a formal and elegant look. Table skirts are often used at wedding receptions and press conferences.

Skirted tables look stylish and elegant. A table, when covered with a floor-length table skirt, adds to the personality and appeal of a room. Shirred pleats are the most frequently used table skirting style. This pleat style gives the table skirt a gathered appearance. Table skirts with box pleats are used for elegant occasions. This style features crisp, well-defined pleats. The shirred pleats and box pleats on a table skirt are automatically pleated by a machine. A table skirt with shirred pleats is apt for the welcome desk of a business. Table skirts with box pleats are the preferred choice for high-end fundraisers.

A table skirt is floor length and covers the table completely. A square or round table covered with a table skirt makes an attractive bedside table. A skirted dining table adds a luxurious look to the dining room. The table skirt on the dining table risks getting stained. Placing a piece of glass on the dining table protects the table skirt from stains. A bold-colored table skirt looks impressive on a hallway table.