What Is the Definition of a Standard Recipe?

A standard recipe has been tested, proven and researched before being published. It includes the appropriate quantities and brand qualities required for the particular dish that the user wishes to make. These recipes also procure a particular consistency and method that is used as a main base for similar dishes.

Standard recipes are often used as a base only for new dishes and creative alternatives for the recipe itself. These alternate versions may include vegan or gluten-free options, or they may use different flavors and products to create original recipes. Using a standard recipe helps maintain cost control for the ingredients.

A standardized recipe may be different from one food service to another because of variation in equipment, available ingredients, and skills of the cook or food handler. However, the USDA requires the following information to be included in a standardized recipe as a minimum: the name of the recipe, list of ingredients and their measurements, preparation of ingredients and cooking procedures, serving instructions, yield, portion sizes, variations or garnishes, nutrition information per serving, marketing guide, and necessary equipment. For companies that follow the HACCP system, standardized recipes also include Critical Control Points or food safety instructions.

By following a standardized recipe, the food establishment can assure customers that they are being served quality food of the correct portion or serving size. The food establishment can also control food costing and inventories of ingredients more easily and save employee time when using standardized recipes.