What Is the Definition of Social Trends?

definition-social-trends Credit: Eugene Regis/CC-BY 2.0

Social trends can be defined as any type of activity that is participated in by society as a whole. Trends can be long-lasting or short-lived.

Social trends have been a part of life since the beginning of time. Society reacts to certain stimuli, whether it is a type of music, fashion or activity. These trends are not always created by the majority, but the majority of society does typically follow.

The 1980s brought leg warmers, neon-colored clothing and big hair, whereas the 1960s saw social trends like bell-bottom jeans, peace signs and protests against war. Every era offered social trends that seemed to fade away as the new decade began. As technology progresses, the changes in social trends do as well. For instance, beepers and cordless phones were once all the rage but were eventually replaced with cell phones and iPads.

Facebook and Twitter introduced a new social trend by introducing a new way to connect with people from far and near. Social networking began a long-lasting type of social trend unlike some shorter-lived trends like tennis shoes with built-in roller blades and disco music.

Social trends are constantly changing, and many companies use their ability to anticipate the social change as part of their business marketing campaign.