What Is the Definition of Microsoft Word?

Very few programs for the computer are used as often as Microsoft Word. Turning a computer into an easy-to-use digital typewriter, the program lets users create papers, letters, resumes and other documents.

The Creation of Microsoft Word Since its creation in 1983, Microsoft Word has risen steadily in widespread use to become the most popular word-processing program for creating and editing text documents. Designed by Microsoft, the tool either comes as part of the larger Microsoft Office Suite purchase, or it can be bought independently on its own. Prior to its release, another program, WordPerfect, was preferred by users, and was the leader among word processing programs for years. Once it debuted, Microsoft worked hard to perfect its Word program, consistently upgrading and changing the program to make it better and easier to use. Today, it can be used by both Mac and Windows users for writing letters, creating forms and other documents and making spreadsheets. Many of the unique features in the MS Word program are responsible for its rise in popularity.

Ease of Use Proofreading a document once it’s been created is made easy with many of the tools included in the program. Spellcheck and autocorrect are just two of the tools that users of MS Word find invaluable. Spellcheck alerts users of any misspelled words while they’re working on the document and flags the words on the spot for the user. This way, the user can change them immediately. The toolbar is also loaded with other valuable features, like a dictionary, a thesaurus and ways to underline and italicize specific words, all while users are working within the document. Users can also add images, shapes and pictures while they’re working on a document in Word. They can set and change margins on all four sides of the page, choose one of dozens of fonts and create notes and comments within the document. MS Word also makes it possible to work with someone else who is in another location, on the same project together and in real time. This means users are able to share changes on a document and make edits together remotely.

The Future of Microsoft Word

Of all of the changes and updates made to Word over the years, the creation of the Word Mobile app has made it easier to use than before. The Word Mobile app allows users to create, view and edit documents from their mobile phones or tablets while on the go when they’re unable to access their home computers. From creating labels for mailing purposes to manipulating the design and layout of every page and creating and inserting tables, it’s an important tool for both business and personal use. Microsoft Word makes document creation and editing easier for anyone who does a lot of typing, such as writers and students.