What Is the Definition of Human Environment Interaction?

Blake Little/Stone/Getty Images

Human environment interaction refers to the relationship between human social systems and the rest of the environment. It is a term that is used to define the dynamics between these two entities, and it can also be used to predict the future of this interaction.

In the recent past, there has been a lot of concern for the environment, since damage to the environment is worsening. This also has an effect on climate. There are various factors that can influence the human environment interaction. Some of these include population size and the practices of the different populations. It is important for policymakers to understand human environment interaction, as it affects the future of the human race. For instance, if the interaction is to the detriment of the ecosystem, it means that man may not have a place to call home in the near future. It is important to try and modify this interaction to such a degree that both human life and the environment are preserved. This is usually referred to as co-evolution and co-adaptation. Some of the ways in which humans directly influence the environment are as a result of the need for food and clothing. Activities such as transportation also influence the environment.