What Is the Definition of Disc Desiccation?

Michael Dorausch/CC-BY-SA 2.0

The definition of disc desiccation is a degenerative disc disease that occurs when the fluid between spinal discs dries out. When the protein-like substance that surrounds spinal discs is gone, the spine becomes unable to support the weight of a body, and flexibility and mobility are severely impacted.

Disc desiccation often occurs after a person has sustained a spinal injury, but this condition can also develop as a person ages. There are several treatments for disc desiccation. The most common procedure involves fusing the affected discs together to remove friction. Another procedure that treats disc desiccation is intradiscal electrothermal annuloplasty. During this treatment, the spinal disc is heated until it hardens, which allows the disc to resist weight-bearing motion.