What Is the Definition of the Database Approach?

The database approach is a way in which data is stored within a computer. It is organized into various charts that are accessed by a variety of computer applications from different locations. Databases are composed of a variety of information that is pertinent and relevant to the organization that is using the database.

Databases are often composed of two different pieces of information. The data and the schema are related to each other, but are not the same thing. The schema is the way in which the data will be organized within a table or chart. It can be complex, but is often as simple as the rules that the data must obey in order to create the database. Essentially, it organizes the data. The data is the actual information that is put into the database. It can be composed of numbers, letters or other characters and is representative of some physical entities. Certain rules can be set in place by the schema that will prevent different types of data from being put into the database. For example, some employer related information may prevent an employer from having a date of birth that shows that are less than 18 years old. This can help human resources catch any errors that exist with employee birthdates.