How Do You Define a Sandy Brown Hair Color?

Sandy brown hair color is a light brown color that is a mix of brown and blonde hair, explains Allure. People with this hair color may have medium brown hair as the dominate color, with lighter sections of hair that diffuse the darkness of the brown color. They may also have hair that is almost a single light brown color with no highlights.

Although sandy brown hair is not technically considered blonde hair, this hair is often described as dark blonde. This is especially true for those who spend a lot of time in the sun, which results in light streaks that lighten the hair’s overall appearance. On hair color charts, there is often not much difference between the shades of light brown and dark blonde.

The lighter ranges of brown hair can be described as ash, caramel, honey or golden. Light brown-haired people tend to have a mix of these colors naturally, and they can have these colors enhanced by an expert in a hair salon or by using an in-home color kit.

When dark-haired people want to lighten their hair, they often start by gradually adding lighter streaks and tips and continuing until they have the color that is most flattering to their skin tone. Since very dark hair can be aging to some skin tones, it is not uncommon for brunettes who love their dark hair to have just the sections around their face lightened with a variety of sandy-brown shades.