How Do You Decode a VIN Number on an Arctic Cat Snowmobile?

There a few organizations, such as Indian River Sports Center and VinFreeCheck ,that offer free VIN decoding services for Arctic Cat snowmobiles. Alternatively, the VIN number on an Arctic Cat snowmobile can be manually decoded using an appropriate VIN card, which might be available at the nearest dealership.

Indian River Sports Center’s VIN decoder tool provides any available information regarding the snowmobile’s serial number, engine serial number, model number, vehicle description, ATV certificate number, original sale date, original dealer name, factory warranty expiration, extended service contract end date, extended service contract provider, list of relevant service bulletins and date of service bulletin repairs.

Snowmobile VIN numbers are coded with 17 alphanumeric characters in the same way as other motor vehicles. The first character always represents the country of manufacture, while the second and third characters represent the manufacturer and the manufacturing division or snowmobile type, respectively. Characters four through eight represent various attributes of the snowmobile, such as body style and engine type. The ninth character is a “check digit” that ensures that the VIN is genuine. The 10th and 11th characters represent the year of manufacture and the name of the assembly plant, respectively. Finally, characters 12 through 17 stand for the production volume, with the given number indicating the snowmobile’s sequence of production.