How Do You Decode a Chevy Block Code?

The first step to decoding the Chevy engine block code is to locate and identify the code on the engine assembly stamp correctly. Next understand the block code. The code has 15 characters.

The first character indicates the assembly plant. The value F in this position indicates the assembly plant in Flint, Michigan. The value T indicates the assembly plant in Tonawanda, New York; the value K indicates McKinnon Industries; and the value S indicates the Saginaw Service assembly plant.

The next two characters in the code indicate the assembly month. The characters 01 indicate January, 02 indicates February, through 12 indicating December. The next two characters signify the assembly day, which is the day of the month that the engine was produced.

The next two characters indicate the engine suffix identification code, an engine identifier that specifies the engine usage and horsepower during assembly. The last eight characters in the code specify the partial vehicle identification number. The partial number starts with the year of installation of the engine. It should exactly match the last eight digits of the VIN plate attached to the vehicle.

Sometimes paint covers up the engine assembly stamp. Use a mild paint remover to remove the paint and then read the engine assembly stamp.