What Dealers Sell Deka Batteries?

Deka batteries are sold by Lowe’s Home Improvement, High-Tech Battery Solutions, and Amazon.com. Lowe’s sells the widest range of Deka batteries, High-Tech Battery Solutions charges the least and Amazon.com offers the least expensive shipping options.

Lowe’s Home Improvement carries an extensive catalog of Deka batteries. Units designed for golf carts, marine vehicles, farm equipment, mowers and motorcycles are all available in a number of different voltages. Shipping, in-store pickup and home delivery from a local store are all offered by Lowe’s.

High-Tech Battery Solutions is an online retailer that solely offers Deka motorcycle batteries. The company does, however, carry a very wide range of motorcycle battery models and voltages. All of High-Tech Battery Solutions’ Deka products are discounted by about 30 percent of the list price on average and come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. The site also provides live chat with a customer service representative and informational resources on battery installation and maintenance.

Amazon.com has the most limited selection of Deka batteries, carrying only a small number of ETX models. It does, however, offer free shipping for the majority of its Deka stock, as well as options for scheduling professional installation. Amazon.com also provides customer reviews of each of the products it sells.