Who Is in Davy Crockett’s Family Tree?

In Davy Crockett’s immediate family tree are his parents, John and Rebecca Crockett nee Rebecca Hawkins; his sisters Margaret Catherine Crockett, Elizabeth Crockett and Rebecca Crockett; and his brothers Nathan Crockett, William Crockett, Aaron Crockett, James Patterson Crockett and John Crockett. Others are his first wife Polly Finley and their children John Wesley Crockett, William Finley Crockett and Margaret Finley Crockett and his second wife Elizabeth Patton and their children Robert Patton Crockett, Rebecca Elvira Crockett and Matilda Crockett.

The earliest known paternal ancestor in Davy Crockett’s family tree is Gabriel Gustave de Crocketagne. His son Antoine de Saussure Peronette de Crocketagne married Louise de Saix. The couple moved to Ireland and changed the family name to Crockett. They later gave birth to a son named Joseph Louis. Joseph married Sarah Stewart, and together they immigrated to New York and had a son named William David. William married Elizabeth Boulay. The son of William and Elizabeth, David, married Elizabeth Hedge and had seven children, including John Crockett, the father of Davy Crockett. John Crockett’s siblings were Joseph, James, Alexander, Robert and William, as well as Davy Crockett’s immediate namesake David Jr.

Elizabeth Patton, Davy Crockett’s second wife, was a widow and had children from her previous marriage, Margaret Ann and George, who appear on Davy Crockett’s family tree. Davy Crockett also had a number of grandchildren.