What Is Database Software Used For?

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Database software is used for the management and storage of data and databases. The organization of databases is exceedingly important when comprising a database of criminals, evaluating medical and school information, and storing government and driver information.

Database software is typically easy to use so that end users can evaluate data, store it, add to it, and edit it or delete it. The capture and analyzing of data is typically performed by database management systems, otherwise known as DBMSs. These types of database software systems are programmed in SQL, and examples include Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle SAP HANA and FoxPro.

Not all database software requires a person to be knowledgeable in SQL or needs programming queries. Web-based database programs such as Microsoft Access are available and can be much easier for a novice to use. The user can navigate the database via the program’s GUI controls, without using SQL.

DBMS types of software have four main categories: definition of data, update, retrieval and administration. A DBMS system is also required to protect the integrity of data and provide its security. The precursor to database software was revolutionized by Edgar F. Codd in 1970, with his relational model.