Dash Cam Images You Have to See to Believe

Photo Courtesy: Guardian News/YouTube

These days, more drivers are turning to the use of dashboard cameras to record unexpected occurrences on the road. Video evidence of a car wreck or roadside incident can go a long way when it comes to insurance claims, but the benefits don’t stop there.

Many unsuspecting drivers have accidentally captured moments that turn mundane driving scenery into a viral video goldmine. Let’s take a look at some of the craziest, funniest and downright insane events ever caught on dash cams around the world.

Talk About Going on Tour

It’s certainly not unusual for a band to go on the road, but these guys are taking things to another level entirely. It appears that they turned a motorcycle sidecar into a mobile stage. Why? Good question — presumably so they can serenade all those who happen to be traveling along their path.

Photo Courtesy: Anders Hansen/YouTube

Honestly, whether they are truly on the way to a gig or hoping to drum up a little publicity for their band, we will never know. Regardless, the sight of their freewheeling ways might make you think twice before shaking your fist at the driver next to you for blaring their speakers.

The Accidental Car Wheelie

A little bit of seatbelt safety can go a long way. Although this fact is drilled into all of our heads growing up, this guy is learning the importance of buckling up firsthand — from a horizontal angle. What in the world caused this car to go vertical?

Photo Courtesy: Cupo541/YouTube

The craziest part is that the answer isn’t apparent in the dash cam video of the event. Maybe the driver really wanted to avoid running a red light and slammed on his breaks at the last minute. Or maybe his city recently decided it was time to up their speed bump game.

What Not to Do When You Get Pulled Over

When a Florida police officer noticed a woman driving erratically, he pulled her over to see what was wrong. The stop was proceeding pretty normally until the officer asked the woman to step out of the car for a field sobriety test.

Photo Courtesy: Navarre Press/YouTube

Instead, she decided the smarter move would be to hit the gas, somehow managing to drag the officer along with her. The cop ended up with a broken arm, and a group of passing teens pulled over to help him. Ironically, one of them turned out to be his own daughter! Crazy, right?

Wrong Place, Wrong Time

Ever have one of those days when things just don’t seem to be going your way? Maybe you walk around looking like everything is fine, but deep down inside, you’re sock is totally riding up in your shoe. We’ve all been there.

Photo Courtesy: The Best Compilations/YouTube

Unfortunately, this guy has much more “pole-arizing” issues on his mind. One minute, he was just sitting at a traffic stop minding his own business. The next, a huge pole decided to use his car for a pillow. At least, he appears to be unhurt as he crawls to safety through his sunroof. Silver linings, right?

The Road Shoulder Lift Off

Every now and then, when you’re stuck in traffic, that shoulder lane can sure look tempting. After all, what could be the harm in sneaking around a few fellow travelers? Well, as it turns out, it may not be as great a plan as you think.

Photo Courtesy: Cupo541/YouTube

The guy whose dash cam captured this gem had pulled over to the side of the road to measure his shoulder traveling options. As it turned out, however, there was another guy behind him who was far less hesitant. Unfortunately, he off-roaded a little too hard and ended up launching into the air.

The Runaway Van

At first, nothing looks off about this bus rolling into the frame atop a cargo freighter. Things get far more interesting, however, when you realize the freight trailer isn’t attached to the truck you would expect to see pulling it.

Photo Courtesy: Viral06/YouTube

The plot thickens even further if you look closely. In the bottom frame, you can see a guy attempting to use his superhuman strength to stop the freighter from rolling down the hill. As you may have guessed, his efforts were not successful. The lesson? Spring for a better hitch and don’t hang out around hills.

This Car’s Hay Toupee

As you learn in any good driver’s education class, it’s important to make sure your view isn’t obstructed in any way while driving. As you could learn from this guy, not everyone cares. Apparently, he had hay to move and no time for excuses.

Photo Courtesy: Cupo451/YouTube

So, he did what anyone would do when faced with an obscene amount of hay, a tiny car and an unrealistic sense of optimism. Although we would definitely recommend a U-Haul for all your hay moving needs, at least the sight of his car looking like a giant toupee gave bystanders a few chuckles.

To Skid or Not to Skid?

So, you think doing donuts is cool, do you? Well, kids, let’s take a moment to look at what the consequences of such an opinion can be. One minute, this guy was out for a cruise on a gravel road lined with snow. The next minute — this!

Photo Courtesy: Viral06/YouTube

Whether he was out to impress his friends or simply not paying attention to how fast he was going, he suddenly launched into an impressive donut maneuver. The next thing he knew, he was looking into someone else’s car window through his sunroof. Don’t let it happen to you!

The Tipsy Truck

Have you ever had a sense that you were about to have a really rough day? The owners of this dash cam could pretty much count on it when they saw this playing out before their eyes. This piece of dash cam insanity comes to us straight from Russia, where the roads are always icy enough to spell disaster.

Photo Courtesy: Viral06/YouTube

While this truck driver is about to succumb to the fate of countless Russian roadsters before him, his plight is nothing compared to the poor souls caught in his path. Fingers crossed that everyone walked away from this one okay.

A Street Right After a Lightning Strike

They say that lightning never strikes the same place twice, but sometimes once is all it takes to spell disaster. One Chinese man’s dash camera picked up the incredible aftermath of a single lightning bolt that managed to transform the road into a terrifying inferno.

Photo Courtesy: People’s Day China/YouTube

It’s no surprise that you’ve got to look out for a wide variety of dangers on the road. From speeders to drunk drivers, it seems that no street is without its lurking dangers. But as you can see here, sometimes Mother Nature can outshine the antics of even the craziest motorists.

Bus Takes Out Ticket Booth

Nothing can ruin a great trip like running over a ticket machine. After you’ve done your due diligence as a driver and arrived safely at your destination, why complicate matters by letting a machine charge you for parking your car?

Photo Courtesy: FunnyRoadAccidents/YouTube

It seems that this bus had finally had enough and decided to strike back by taking this irksome ticket machine down. Okay, so the whole thing was probably actually an accident, but it’s a lot more fun to believe the bus was taking a heroic stand for frustrated drivers everywhere.

When Power Lines Attack

If there’s one group who is definitely underappreciated, it’s the guys who go around making sure power lines stay up and in working order. After all, we tend to forget exactly how much we depend on them until a power outage leaves us in the collective dark.

Photo Courtesy: Chills/YouTube

Here, we see a guy who attempted to fix just such a situation. After a bit of power line trouble presented itself, he headed out to attempt to appease local power customers. Things took a turn, however, when the offending line decided to fight back.

Crazy Vietnamese Tornado Footage

The crazy thing about dash cams is that you never know what they’re going to pick up. Such was the case when this Vietnamese man headed into the market one day. Suddenly, the wind started to get a little unruly, and before he knew it, the town began to blow away right in front of him.

Photo Courtesy: Tops Fives/YouTube

As it turned out, the chaos was caused by the sudden appearance of a small tornado! By the time it was all said and done, most of the town was destroyed due to poorly constructed buildings, but thankfully no one was killed.

Delayed Delivery

It’s amazing how many people choose to ignore railroad safety signals in an effort to beat an oncoming train. While you may get lucky, it’s just not worth the risk when you consider what could happen if you don’t.

Photo Courtesy: PoliceActivity/YouTube

As adventurous as you may consider yourself, know that when it comes down to a brawl between you and a train, the train will always win. Always. Such was the lesson learned by this FedEx guy when a speeding train took out his freight. Thankfully, he and his cab had cleared the tracks before disaster struck.

Highway Cart Craziness

Some situations in life have no appropriate response, except…why? Here, we have a random guy, chilling on a busy freeway in a random grocery cart. As odd as it looks, things were even worse than you may initially imagine.

Photo Courtesy: Cupo451/YouTube

He didn’t even have the decency to just sit politely in the middle of oncoming traffic. Instead, he proceeded to roll around though all the lanes. Unfortunately, the number of questions this whole situation poses is far beyond the number of answers we have to offer. Seriously, why?

The Leaky Cement Truck

You had one job cement truck. Transport a large vat of wet cement from one location to the next. Sounds simple enough, right? Apparently, this cement truck begged to differ. At some point along the route, it started leaking out free cement shoes to whoever happened to drive behind it.

Photo Courtesy: MonthlyFails/YouTube

How such a thing manages to happen is a mystery that only those in the cement industry could answer. Perhaps there’s a button that was accidentally pushed or a lever that got pulled. Or maybe the driver just really didn’t like the guy behind him.

Raining Rocks!

You know how sometimes when you’re driving through the mountains, you see those little signs that warn of falling rocks? It seems like every motorist who has ever come across one has imagined something like this happening, as they nervously surveyed the surrounding mountains.

Photo Courtesy: Top Fives/YouTube

Fortunately, few of us have ever seen firsthand exactly how crazy things can get when a rockslide actually happens. One minute this little white car was driving along. The next minute, it encountered a huge boulder coming right for it. Don’t worry, it ended up landing on the other side of the car. Whew!

The Bike Chasing Bear

Think only car dash cams catch crazy footage? Look a bit closer at this insane footage caught by a biker as he rolled through the hills with his buddy. Everything’s going great until suddenly a random bear decides to challenge them to a game of tag.

Photo Courtesy: Nuke’s Top 5/YouTube

Maybe the bear had cubs nearby that it wanted to protect or maybe it was just feeling feisty. Regardless, its antics made these guys peddle harder than anyone has peddled before. Just when they thought they were toast, the bear ran back off into the woods as quickly as it had appeared.

Guy Driving Random Go-Cart

Having your car in the shop can be the worst, especially when you’ve got places to be. While most of us turn to the bus or our bikes (or our friends) in such instances, this random hero decided he had a far better plan.

Photo Courtesy: Trend Wave/YouTube

Here, he can be seen in a straight-up bumper car as he waits his turn in traffic. Nothing out of the ordinary here, officer. The question of how safe those bumpers will be in a collision is about as questionable as his cart being street legal, but you can’t help but admire his ingenuity.

Footage from Pinery Bush Fire

This shot comes from the dash cam of a fire truck as it heads into the flames of the Pinery Bush Fire in Australia. Unbeknownst to the firemen as they headed into the heart of the inferno, the fire had changed directions and was now coming straight for them.

Photo Courtesy: Nuke’s Top 5/YouTube

Luckily, fire trucks have thermal windows to use in these situations, so the firemen can wait out the fire inside. At one point, the truck you see in the distance panicked and backed into the one with this dash cam, but everyone escaped unhurt.

World’s Biggest BBQ Grill

There’s something innate in every man that feels the primal need to cook meats over an open flame. So, it’s no surprise that men all over the world can’t get enough of barbecuing on their favorite grills. This guy, however, has taken things a bit further than your average outdoor chef.

Photo Courtesy: Best of Dash Cam/Europe

Here, he proudly rolled down the street, showing off the biggest grill ever known to man. Whether he was off to a huge BBQ or simply wanted to make men everywhere drool with envy, he and his cargo were not afraid to show off for dash cams everywhere.

Batman Gets Pulled Over

If you thought you were into Batman, then get a load of this guy. This mild-mannered Canadian man is known as Stephen Lawrence by day, but he has an alter-ego who has become known as Brampton Batman. Complete with his own Batmobile, he regularly patrols the streets of his town from 11 p.m. to 3 a.m. most nights.

Photo Courtesy: Trend Wave/YouTube

Although he was caught on this dash cam getting pulled over by a cop, it wasn’t because he broke the laws he has sworn to protect. She just wanted him to pose for a picture.

The Perils of Bike Transport

While many of the items on our list concentrate on the dangers of operating a motor vehicle, it’s not uncommon to see a bike rider bite the dust. Unlike his fellow mountain bikers who were forced to contend with a random bear, this guy experiences the wrath of an all too urban predator.

Photo Courtesy: Trend Wave/YouTube

Apparently, this ticket machine got angry about its inability to force him to pay to park his bike. It decided to descend to the level of pettiness and extracted its toll straight from his unsuspecting face. Seriously, ticket machine, get a grip.

Hitchin’ a Ride

This metro scene may look fairly normal at first glance, but check out the back of the white van right in the center. Amid the cars and motorbikes, you see a skateboarder who decided to get a bit innovative when it came to his daily commute.

Photo Courtesy: Best of Dashcam Europe/YouTube

The practice of adding a little motor power to your skateboard by grabbing a moving vehicle is known as “skitching” among skaters. While it may shorten your trip, it can also go terribly wrong in too many ways to count. It’s definitely not something we recommend trying at home.

Chelyabinsk Meteor on a Dash Cam

In 2013, what has become known as the Chelyabinsk meteor streaked across the Russian sky before crash-landing into the earth. Known as a superbolide, or super bright meteor, the asteroid was the size of a six-story building that exploded at roughly 12 miles above the ground.

Photo Courtesy: Artur Alves/YouTube

The explosion yielded somewhere around 30 times the energy of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, breaking windows all over Russia and triggering monitoring systems as far away as Antarctica! Scientists used videos of the event, many of which were captured on dash cams, in an attempt to pinpoint the meteor’s origin.

Driver Fleeing the Scene

As you can probably imagine, police officers see all kinds of crazy things in their line of work. This incident, however, quite possibly made this officer’s top 10 list. After noticing a car that was driving erratically, the policeman pulled the driver over, probably expecting a case of drunk driving.

Photo Courtesy: Top15s/YouTube

He was obviously stunned when a seven-year-old boy hopped out of the driver’s seat and made a break for it. He followed the young perp home, where the boy’s parents questioned him and discovered he had stolen the car to get out of going to church. Positively sinful!

Winging It

Have you ever been forced to improvise on the job? Such situations aren’t all that uncommon for employees everywhere who have to work around random inconveniences. Such ingenuity, however, may or may not have been ill-placed in the case of this truck driver.

Photo Courtesy: Dash Cam Bristol/YouTube

Having found himself two wheels down, it seems this guy refused to let the hindrance get him down. Maybe whatever he had in the back was heavy enough that those two front wheels weren’t pulling their weight anyway. Or perhaps he was running low on AAA credits and decided to just go for it.

Convertible Car Crash

Among the more chilling things ever caught on a dash cam, this image is enough to make anyone interested in owning a convertible think twice. The driver who recorded this footage was making his way down the street when suddenly the convertible came from out of nowhere and sped across three lanes of traffic.

Photo Courtesy: Dash Cam Bristol/YouTube

Although the car wasn’t immediately hit, things escalated quickly when the car crashed into the concrete road divider. Unfortunately, the driver wasn’t wearing a seatbelt and was thrown from his car upon impact.

UFO Crossing

While many of us have succumbed to curiosity by watching an episode or two of Ancient Aliens, this UFO sighting was a little less subtle. When the alien spacecraft appeared on the streets of a small Irish town, the Garda (Irish police) were quick to arrive on the scene.

Photo Courtesy: Dash Cam Bristol/YouTube

Hilarious video footage soon followed of what appeared to be a low-speed chase with the cops hot on the aliens’ saucer-shaped tail. The officers later clarified that they were simply giving the UFO a friendly escort. It was an installation for a space-themed show by a local artist.

SpongeBob and Mickey Go Gangsta

Strap on your seatbelt and prepare to have your childhood heroes shattered if you dare to watch the craziest piece of road rage ever caught on film. It turns out that not even the likes of Mickey Mouse and SpongeBob SquarePants are above a little fury if sufficiently provoked.

Photo Courtesy: Crazy Drivers/YouTube

When this angry Russian driver got into an altercation with a van, he had no idea that it contained everyone’s favorite childhood heroes. Moments later Mickey and his not so merry gang poured forth to engage in a little roadside smackdown before disappearing in their unmarked van.