What Is Daily Life Like in Mexico?

Life in Mexico varies from an urban lifestyle to very rustic. The style of living experienced in the country depends largely on location and the size of the city.

In Mexico, the pace of larger cities differs from metropolitan areas found in the United States. It is much slower. Most people in Mexico speak Spanish, but some areas do have large English-speaking populations. Mexican families place a lot of emphasis on tradition and kinship, so many activities are centered on honoring both. For instance, some Mexican families attend church, work and enjoy fun activities together.

Rural living in Mexico focuses on farming and earning a living off the land. Men and women play more traditional roles. Women tend to stay home with the children and take care of chores while men earn the family funds. By contrast, in the city, both men and women tend to work. Outside help, such as nannies and maids, are relied upon to help with tending to the home and children. Urban families tend to dress in fashions favored by Americans. Rural families wear more traditional clothes. Higher income families tend to rely more on foods that have been processed, such as breakfast cereals. Rural families eat more traditional foods, such as beans, corn and tortillas.