What Is Cyclical Maintenance?

Also known as planned maintenance, cyclical maintenance can be defined as those works that are carried out on a regular basis to prolong the life of the building, avoid costly repairs or a breakdown. These tasks include rewiring, painting, reroofing, replacement of transfer pumps and booster, repair or replacement of the plumbing system and gas servicing.

Ensuring that a building lasts for many years is essential in avoiding expensive repairs and replacements. Cyclical maintenance is the best way to ensure that a building or home is in good condition as well as to avoid costly repairs. Such maintenance programs help to reduce the number of daily repairs required to ensure that the home is in a better condition. Improvement programs also help to prevent a gradual deterioration of components or finishes in the house. Landlords can take advantage of cyclical maintenance programs to ensure compliance with statutory requirements relating to systems, or equipment, installed in their buildings. It also enables them to provide services to tenants for which they paid a service charge.

There are many companies out there that offer cyclical maintenance services. These companies ensure that improvement and maintenance work have been executed as agreed with their clients. Ideally, they offer the most cost effective way to keep buildings in a good state.