How Do I Cut My Hair Like Sharon Osbourne?

JJ Duncan/CC-BY 2.0

Sharon Osbourne’s short, spiky maroon-red hair is her trademark and can be replicated by providing your hairstylist with a few instructions and a photograph of what you’d like. In April 2014, Sharon Osbourne sported a pixie haircut which is a look that is much shorter and far less choppy than her iconic look.

  1. Layer the top of your hair

    Osbourne’s haircut is tapered at the bottom and sides. The top of the hair is jagged cut and sliced to create a textured look with which you can play around to create the best look for you. Ask your hairstylist to use a razor after your haircut to add to the choppy look.

  2. Style your hair

    Tease or back-comb the top part of your hair to create more volume. Then using hair wax, a styling product that works to smooth and twist short hair, pull a small section of hair upward. This creates the spiky look, replicating Sharon’s jagged hairstyle. Repeat with a new section of hair. To get more texture, apply more wax to the ends of your hair.

  3. Finish with hair spray

    Invest in a good quality hair spray that leaves minimal residue. Hold the spray a few inches away from you and apply a small amount to hold the hairstyle in place.