How Do You Cut Your Hair Like Lisa Rinna’s?

Desiree Navarro / Contributor/WireImage/Getty Images

To achieve a haircut similar to Lisa Rinna’s, ask your stylist for a short shag cut. Opt for a chocolate brown color with highlights and lowlights to add more depth to the color.

Your stylist should use a razor cutting technique to create texture at the ends. Short layers at the crown of the head add volume. Bangs should be soft and side-swept, parting the hair on whichever side suits your hair’s natural growth pattern.

To style this cut the way Rinna does, begin by blow drying hair upward from the roots to create volume on top. A styling mousse or spray can be very helpful in achieving this. The ends can be styled into the outward flip by blow drying with a round brush or by using a curling iron and twisting hair away from the face. Use wax or pomade on the tips of hair to create texture.

A shag cut is a very versatile style that can work well on many face shapes. This style of cut can work for both long and short styles and can also be worn with or without bangs. Styling can have lots of volume or can be smoothed out with a straightening iron for a sleeker look.