How Do You Customize Your Mask in “Payday 2”?

To customize a mask in the game “Payday 2,” you need to first obtain a color scheme, a material and a pattern in addition to having an open mask slot in your inventory. Open the mask customization menu, and choose from your available resources to create the mask.

A player needs to have the appropriate amount of money and space in her inventory to create the mask. From the mask creation screen, choose a mask and select the color scheme to begin the customization process. Next, set the pattern from the open options, and complete the process by choosing a material. Save the mask, and it becomes available for use in future missions.

The game “Payday 2” consists of up to four players participating in various virtual heists throughout the game world, with the ability to perform the robbery through stealth options or brute firepower. In either case, each player dons special masks that protect her identity from the other non-player characters and calculates into the final score for the mission. While the game awards players with various masks through the game for completing certain tasks or scoring highly on different missions, players can obtain or purchase the items necessary to create a custom mask. Each item only works a single time for one mask, with custom masks also becoming unavailable after each heist.