Why Does My Cursor Keeps Disappearing?

Cursors typically keep disappearing because a computer is configured to a default setting that hides the mouse pointer every time the user types. In Windows, this is set automatically as the default because many users prefer for the cursor to be hidden while typing. However, many users find this frustrating and would prefer to have the cursor remain visible. This configuration can be changed to keep the cursor visible.

To change this default setting in a Windows operating system, users should go to the Start menu, then click on settings, then control panel, then hardware and sound. From the hardware and sound option, users should select devices and printers, then select mouse. A group of selections for pointer options should be visible with the hide pointer option selected. Clicking on the hide pointer option turns off the selection, and the cursor disappearance problem goes away.

If the problem is not fixed by changing this setting, there is likely a problem with the machine. This could be a virus that is slowing down the computer’s processing time, causing the cursor to remain hidden when it is needed. It would be wise to update anti-virus software and reinstall the hard drive if the problem persists.