What Are Some Current Sociocultural Trends?

Some current sociocultural trends include the continued growth of connectivity through social media and telecommunications, the growth of cities throughout the world, the increase of green energy technologies and public awareness. Social trends are being driven by advances in technology and the ability to instantly transfer ideas via the Internet.

Sociocultural trends are patterns that are found within human culture and human interaction. The sociocultural trends of a society change over time and are often influenced by environmental, technological and social means. In the past, different regions had their own sets of sociocultural trends. While in some ways that is still the case, the invention of the Internet has led to a growth of interconnectedness, which has resulted in an increased number of sociocultural trends being observed world-wide.

The largest current sociocultural trend is the growth of connectivity through social media and telecommunications. More than ever before, ideas are able to be transferred instantaneously across nations. Ideas that used to be confined to certain hubs are now able to be anonymously displayed on the Internet and spread to the public. This instantaneous and anonymous transfer of information has led to uprisings against authoritarian regimes, such as during the Arab Spring, and has given voices to people who would previously be afraid to speak out against oppression.