What Are Some Current Issues in the Philippines?

Mike Behnken/CC-BY 2.0

In 2014, one debated issue in the Philippines is preparing for possible power shortages in 2015. China’s historical land claim to the oil rich Scarborough Shoal is another issue in the Philippines in 2014.

The Manila Bulletin reported that President Aquino has asked congress to grant him emergency power to address the projected 300 megawatt power shortage in the summer of 2015. Congress is debating the creation of a joint resolution which would allow him to begin a 420 megawatt power plant in Makati City to create additional reserves. The shortage is the cause of aging power plants and low water supply. The government is also considering allowing private firms to be compensated for using their own generators instead.

The Philippines also released ancient maps showing that China’s southern most land claim has always been Hainan Island, not Scarborough Shoal. The shoal has continually been claimed by China, and China claims authority over almost the entire South China Sea. However, Scarborough Shoal has never appeared in any historic Chinese maps. It has been shown on numerous ancient maps made by foreigners and Filipinos from as early as 1636. The Philippines intends to bring a case to the U.N. arbitral court to seek clarification on its land entitlement.