How Does Culture Influence the Supernatural Creatures We Believe In?

Photo Courtesy: David Wall/Getty Images

From treacherous trolls and fanciful fairies to grotesque ghouls and spooky spirits, every culture has its own unique folklore beings that, over time, become the subjects of long-told legends. While they’re often meant to explain the unexplainable or provide warnings to misbehaving children, supernatural creatures from around the world serve another interesting purpose, too: They reflect not only important lessons, but also the fundamental cultural values unique to the areas where they’re (reportedly) found.

Ready to learn about a nightmare-devouring Japanese beast, or perhaps discover why La Llorona’s weeping echoes across Mexican lakes? We'll introduce you to a collection of supernatural creatures from all around the world, showing just how spooky legends can really get — and why these mythological creatures may have developed when and where they did.