How Does Crystal Gayle Care for Her Hair?

Crystal Gayle has a time consuming hair care routine. She washes her long hair daily while performing and does not use a hair dryer but allows it to dry on its own. She states scalp massage and a high-protein diet keep her hair healthy. Occasionally she braids her hair before going to bed or puts her hair above her pillow and combs out any tangles.

She does occasionally trim her hair to keep it healthy and to stimulate growth. She typically cares for it herself because it is difficult to find stylists who work well with very long hair.

She is often asked questions about her hair, which is approximately five feet long and reaches almost to the ground. She says she loves her long hair although it grows quickly, making hair care a lot of work. She says, “It’s like having another child in a way.”

The country music singer states she started growing her hair long to make it easier to maintain. “There’s a stage when you have long hair that you can’t do anything with — for me, anyway, because I’m not really good at fixing hair. And that’s why I had long hair. I could wash it and let it dry,” Gayle said.