Why Is the Crucifixion Important to Christians?

Christians believe the death of Jesus by crucifixion symbolizes a covenant with God to forgive humans for their sins. The suffering of God’s mortal son through flogging and crucifixion represent Jesus’ dedication to ensure eternal life for all humans.

The manner in which Jesus died is almost as significant as his death. Jesus predicted his barbaric demise according to passages in the books of Mark, Matthew and John in the New Testament. Death on a cross was considered very shameful and in some contexts crucifixion was believed to be cursed. Jesus’ incredible self sacrifice to gain redemption for others, “the righteous dying for the unrighteous,” as stated by Grace Communion International, is a powerful image of Christian faith.

The crucifixion represents not only Jesus’ death, but rules for everyday Christian living. Christians believe they bear their own cross every day that they venture into the world and reject the sinful practices and passions they may encounter as stated in the book of Luke and by Grace Communion International. To Christians the death of God’s own living son represents the role of Christians as God’s army of the righteous, slaves of Jesus Christ, who follow his path and ultimately receive eternal life.