How Do You Cross Reference Oil Filters?

Vstock LLC/Getty Images

Several auto part manufacturers, such as K&N Filters and AMSOIL, have cross-referencing guides included on their websites. Oil Filter Cross Reference is a generic website that suggests multiple compatible oil filters. Users should have their current oil filter’s part number on hand before visiting any of these websites.

It is important that the proper oil filter is used in a vehicle. Oil filters are crucial to an engine’s performance. Oil pumps send oil to the oil filter to be cleaned before it is released into the engine. Filters work to keep dirt and debris out of the oil, thereby preventing engine contamination due to the build up of sludge, metal particles and carbon. Neglecting timely oil and oil filter changes may contribute to early engine failure.

The least expensive oil filters available are made of a cellulose material. Filters that are more expensive use synthetic material, and the highest-quality and most expensive oil filters are constructed of a thin metal mesh. Oil filters are rated by efficiency, which is the percentage of dirt that a filter extracts from the oil. If using the cheapest oil filter, it should be replaced when the oil is changed every three months or 3,000 miles.