How Do You Cross-Reference NAPA Filters?

Cross-reference NAPA filters using NAPA’s online filter lookup tool. Enter the NAPA model number of the filter you want to cross-reference, and the tool provides a list of filters with which it is compatible. The tool provides compatible filters both from NAPA and many of its major competitors.

If you are trying to cross-reference a competitor’s filter with NAPA filters, use a tool like the online Oil Filter Cross-Reference. This is a website with a database of oil filters from NAPA and virtually all other automotive oil filter manufacturers. Enter the manufacturer and model number of your filter, and the tool produces a list of all the compatible oil filters from every manufacturer in its database.

While electronic sources are much quicker and easier ways of cross-referencing filters, NAPA and other filter producers offer traditional print interchanges and cross-references for their products. These tools are typically found in manufacturer’s parts catalogs or ordered directly from the manufacturer.

Traditional interchanges are charts that list the names of several manufacturers in topmost row and standard oil filter model numbers in the leftmost column. Cross-reference a NAPA filter using a traditional interchange by finding the NAPA column and scanning down it until you find your filter’s model number. All filters on the same row of the chart are compatible.