How Do You Cross Reference GM Parts Numbers?

Cross reference GM parts numbers by entering the part number and selecting the make of the car on the Part Number Search page on The site cross references the submitted part number before providing specific details about the part. The site searches an extensive catalog which includes discontinued GM brands.

General Motors (GM) is an American automobile manufacturer based in Detroit, Michigan. The multinational corporation manufactures and sells vehicles and vehicle parts all over the world under many brands and models. GM parts are manufactured by a subsidiary based in McAllen, Texas whose national website is The site assures users of the availability of all GM parts including parts for discontinued GM brands. maintains an extensive catalog of GM parts enabling users to cross reference all types of vehicle parts.

The site requires the user to choose the make of the car from a list of GM brands before entering the part number for a match-up. After searching its catalog, the site provides various details about the part, including the part name and the online price indicating availability. also provides support services via phone and email; this allows users to contact the company for additional part details.