How Do You Cross-Reference GE Motors?

Use the manufacturer’s model or part number located on the motor’s label plate for the most effective method of cross-referencing a General Electric motor. With this information, most motor supply or repair companies can provide the matching replacement options from various manufacturers. Some suppliers have online cross-reference search tools, while others request users email or call for the information. GE motors can also be cross-referenced by matching the motor’s specifications, which are also on the label plate, with suitable replacements.

Operational specifications needed for cross-referencing include the GE motor’s horsepower rating, its number of speeds, revolutions per minute and the direction of rotation stated as either clockwise, counterclockwise or reversible. Electrical specifications include operational voltage requirements, amperage draw, necessary service factor and if it needs a single- or three-phase power supply.

The physical dimensions of the motor are also important, including the number of shafts, the length and diameter of the shafts, the motor’s frame size and its length and diameter. Motor cooling requirements such as totally enclosed fan cooled, totally enclosed air over or open drip-proof design are needed as well.

Information on the motor’s mounting orientation, either vertical or horizontal, and its method of mounting, including belly band, cradle base, rigid base or thru-bolts is required to ensure it will attach correctly in the intended installation location. Other important cross-reference factors include the type of bearings the motor uses as well as the motor type and its intended application.