How Do You Cross-Reference Dayco Belts?

Use an automotive belt cross reference chart to cross reference Dayco belts. Find the model number of the Dayco belt in question, and note all the other belts on the same row. Belts on the same row are interchangeable with one another.

Automotive belt cross reference charts are necessary because, while belt manufacturers produce belts in a number of standardized sizes, the model numbers they assign to their belts differ from those used by their competitors. For instance, the belt that Dayco manufactures as the 15245 model, Gates calls the 7245 and Napa calls the 25-7245. Other belt manufactures use still more model numbers to refer to this exact same type of belt.

Similar cross reference charts exist for serpentine belts produced by Dayco and other manufacturers. These charts are especially useful, as an even greater number of manufacturers produce serpentine belts than regular automotive belts.

Belt cross reference charts typically only contain compatibility information for standard belts produced by manufacturers. These charts usually do not contain model number and compatibility information for specialty belts or variants of standard models. Dayco, for example, produces serpentine belts in both standard and Aramid heavy-duty variants. Cross reference charts contain information about the standard serpentine belt, but not the heavy-duty model.