How Do I Cross Rate in the Navy?

To cross rate, or change jobs, in the Navy, one must verify that they meet the minimum requirements, meet the chain of command, complete the enlisted personnel action request form and ensure they have completed all the necessary training. A Navy career counselor supplies the guidelines for each individual situation.

Cross rating allows soldiers to develop their careers and earn promotions. Cross rating is not common, however, and it usually occurs when there’s a personnel shortage in a military occupation specialty. The minimum qualifications include: having served for at least 24 months in the current job; having served for at least 12 years in the Navy reserve; being a first class petty officer or below; having no non-judicial punishments in the last 18 months; and receiving a commanding officer’s recommendation.

Meeting the chain of command requirements entails documenting the reasons for the request to cross-rate. The Navy career counselor must verify that this requirement is met before the individual makes the official request by completing the enlisted personnel action request form, which is sent to the Navy personnel command for verification of the individual’s decision. One must also complete all the necessary training to meet the requirements of the new job.