What Are Crofton Pots and Pans?

Crofton is a brand of cookware available at Aldi, a supermarket chain that has stores throughout 18 countries. The brand features stylish kitchenware, such as pots and pans, at an affordable price.

The availability of Crofton cookware varies by location, but the line features an Eco Ceramic

2-Piece Fry Pan Set and a Saut� Pan With Lid, both of which fall under $15 as of May 2015. The line also includes non-stick pans for a similar price. The cookware line also sells vegetable peelers, dutch ovens, plastic containers designed for salads, tumblers, ceramic knives and containers for freezer storage. Aldi prides itself on making its products both durable and a great value for customers.

Crofton supplies are often on sale through Aldi’s weekly circulars. Each week, customers can find select Crofton appliances and cookware at an additional discount.

Crofton supplies often get mixed reviews from customers. While some believe that the pots and pans are comparable to more expensive models, others find the cookware to be cheaply assembled.

Aldi is known for offering many in-house product brands. Not only does the companu believe that this increases sales, but it helps make Aldi stores smaller and easier to manage. Aldi believes in the customer experience, which is why it places multiple bar codes on its in-house products to help speed up the check-out process.