What Are Crocs Made From?

Cate Gillon / Staff/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Crocs are made from a synthetic fiber called Croslite. It is a proprietary closed-cell resin manufactured and trademarked by the company. Croslite is not plastic or rubber.

Croslite has numerous qualities that make it attractive to wearers. It is very lightweight and soft. It is also odor-resistant, non-toxic and doesn’t leave marks. It is anti-microbial in nature, so it resists fungal and bacterial growth. It can be cleaned with regular soap and water and doesn’t absorb water or sweat.

Croc shoes Croslite material can still be damaged by extended exposure to high temperatures. Direct sunlight and other forms of heat have been known to cause the synthetic fiber to warp and become misshapen. Because of this, the manufacturers of Crocs advise that owners should store their shoes in a cool place. The shoes also eventually lose their grip from extended use. When this happens, the company advises customers to purchase a new pair.

Because of Croc shoe design, aiming to add comfort and stability to the foot’s arches and heel, the shoes are claimed to reduce muscle fatigue by more than 60 percent. The shoes are produced in various parts of the world, including China, Italy, Mexico, Vietnam and Bosnia.