What Is Crochet and Macrame?

Ruth Jenkinson/Dorling Kindersley/Getty Images

Crochet and macrame have similar finished products, but crochet involves the use of a crochet needle and loops of yarn, while macrame involves various intricate knots in the yarn. Macrame was popular with 19th century sailors who created things out of leather, rope and yarn in their spare time. Both macrame and crochet are forms of knitting.

While macrame was popular among sailors, it again became more widely popular in the 1970s. It was used for wall hangings and potted plant holders and was a staple in fashion. Macrame was traditionally made out of rope, but the knotted designs that were seen on clothing articles were created out of yarn and fabric fibers. The process of macrame requires no special tools and can be created using any type of fiber.

Crochet is more commonly associated with knitting and is the basis for many children’s blankets. It is a lightly woven form of the fibers, and it can be created with the use of a single hook crochet needle. The way that crochet is made is similar to the process of creating lace, but crochet pieces are often not as delicate as lace pieces. Crochet was popular in fashion in the 1970 s.