What Is the Critical Analysis of Barbie Q by Sandra Cisneros?

Barbie Q by Sandra Cisneros is about the oppression and liberation of women that is symbolized by Barbie. Barbie takes on many roles, making her a liberating figure. But, her tendency to rely on material possessions and appearances is oppressive.

Barbie Q, which is a short fictional story that was written by Sandra Cisneros, is about two poor young Chicano girls and their Barbie dolls. They could buy their dolls cheaply because of the dolls’ imperfect condition due to the fire that destroyed the toy factory. The story, which is narrated by one of the girls, reflects her inner thoughts. Though she says that it is fine not to have a brand new doll as those with wealth do, she hides the flaws on her Barbie doll with satin materials. This shows her inner lack of self-esteem.