Why Is a Cricket a Sign of Good Luck?

matteoallegro/RooM/Getty Images

In ancient China, a cricket was a sign of luck because it indicated that a family would be prosperous. This belief may be connected to the influx of crickets into fields every spring, which farmers used as an indicator that it was time to plant their crops. Since they earned their living by what they grew and sold, a good crop meant a good income.

The ancient Chinese also highly regarded the chirping of crickets and kept crickets in cages in order to be able to hear the sound in their homes. The sport of cricket fighting evolved from the Chinese fascination with crickets, and the tradition has been reintroduced into Chinese culture.

The cricket is also considered a sign of good luck in some African cultures. Asians and Europeans believe that killing a cricket brings bad luck. The cricket is not a sign of luck in all cultures, however. In one region of Brazil, the sound of a cricket chirping is an indicator of death. In another part of Brazil, it means that a baby is on the way. In Sao Paulo the color of the cricket is significant. Black means impending illness, gray means money is on the way and green means hope.