What Are Some Creative Ways to Present School Projects?

woodleywonderworks/CC-BY 2.0

Creative methods to demonstrate school projects include using slideshow presentation software to illustrate the project’s results, video demonstrations of the project, album covers of the project’s details, bar graphs or information graphics, and board games to quiz students on the facts presented in the project. Students can also write a biographical essay or make a book about the individual researched or create a book club based on the project.

When using video software, students can record real-life scenarios as they occur to illustrate the main points of a project or film a play related to the assignment, performed by friends, classmates or family members. An interactive online calendar or a timeline drawn on a poster board offers a creative way to present historical information to classmates. Students can also create a cheer with repetition to help classmates remember the main concepts of the project or invite classmates to join the presentation to help with props, a magic trick or lab experiment. Keep students engaged and learning by creating a crossword puzzle or word search with vocabulary used in the presentation. Students can also draw a comic strip to show the progression of a historical event or process presented in the project.