Are There Creative Ways to Award Door Prizes?

Blend Images – Moxie Productions/Blend Images/Getty Images

A quiz contest, random drawing, items with marks on them or other types of games are just a few of the creative ways you can award door prizes. Creative door prize techniques often make a party more fun.

Door prizes are special awards at parties that guests have a chance to win by attending the party. Sometimes these prizes are just given away randomly at the end of the party, but more creative approaches, such as the marked item technique, can make a birthday party or baby shower more fun. For example, you can announce at the end of a party that one person has an “X” on the bottom of their chair in tape. Then everyone gets to look under their chair to see whether they won. It’s particularly exciting for the winner because the winner gets to run up to the front and claim their prize.

Other creative approaches might be to have a game where everyone guesses how many marbles are in a jar or even a scavenger hunt that goes throughout the course of the night. Door prize activities can show appreciation for the guests and can increase involvement during the event.