How Do You Create a Tally Chart in Excel?

To create a tally chart in Excel, go to the File tab in Microsoft Excel. Select New, and then select the Blank Workbook option. If the information is already in a spreadsheet, open this document, and organize the information into columns so that each row is a distinct record.

Type the category title in the first row of column A. In the cells below, write the specific category. For example, if “sports” is written in the first row of column A, specific sport names would be written in the cells below.

The x-axis of the chart is where the categories are displayed. Column B of the chart should be labeled as “count.” In the cells below, put the numerical data for each category. Then, highlight the data range. Click the Insert tab with the Ribbon. Click the Column option from the drop-down box. Select the appropriate column chart. Go to the Design option on the Ribbon. This where the desired color scheme and chart visual style are chosen. Go to the Layout tab to add the chart title, legend and axis titles.

In Microsoft Excel 2010, there is a COUNTIF function. This function may be used to tally how many times a certain amount appears. This function may be used to tally the information, but the charting tools of Excel are better for illustration and comparison.