How Do You Create a Retirement Party Program?

Photo Courtesy: Steven Depolo/Wikimedia Commons

The program for a retirement party should cover all of the activities at the celebration, such as the introduction of the guest of honor, speeches, a PowerPoint presentation and the presentation of any plaques or awards. It is also a nice gesture to thank the members of the planning committee and include a special note of thanks to the retiree.

Whether a retirement party is formal or casual, a program is helpful to those attending so they know the order of events for the evening. Usually the party starts with guests mingling over drinks and appetizers.

Step 1: Introduce the guest of honor with a speech or accolade

The introduction of the guest of honor is an indication that the festivities are underway. The intro can be made by a supervisor or coworker. Speeches are made, commonly given by the retiree’s direct supervisor and perhaps by other coworkers or even the owner or CEO of the company. These cover the retiree’s contributions to the company.

Step 2: Slide or PowerPoint presentation

After the speeches, a slide or PowerPoint presentation is a good way to summarize the employee’s many years of service. Be sure to set it up so everyone can see it clearly.

Step 3: Presentation of an award or plaque

Often, the guest of honor is presented with a plaque or other award thanking him for his many years of dedicated service. He then commonly says a few words of thanks to end the celebration.