How Do You Create a QQ ID?

Obtain a QQ ID number by registering with QQ International’s website. When you receive the confirmation email, the QQ number, also known as the QQ ID, is in the email. You can also obtain a QQ ID through the company’s smartphone app.

  1. Register your information

    Provide information to the QQ International website, including your email address, nickname, birthday, gender, password, re-typed password, location and the verification code from the image on the screen. You must also check the box that accepts the Tencent Service Agreement.

  2. Check your email

    Open the email sent to your email account. As of September 2014, the email is from “” This email contains your QQ ID number.

  3. Download the app

    Download the QQ International app for Android and Apple smart phones, and tap on Sign Up in the lower part of the login screen. Create a QQ ID using the mobile phone number associated with the app download. The QQ ID is in the Settings tab on your phone.

  4. Find the QQ ID

    When you already have a QQ account, find the ID on your Windows computer by searching for the Tencent file. Folders contain the ID number used to log in from your computer. Once you have QQ software downloaded, the ID number appears in your profile after you open the QQ window.