How Do You Create a Bowling Score Sheet in Excel?

To create a bowling score sheet in Excel, add ten columns for each player. Label each column from one to 10, then divide columns one through nine into two spaces and column 10 into three spaces. Use Excel functions to program the spreadsheet to calculate all scores. A number of templates and spreadsheet programs also exist to assist in creating a bowling score sheet in Excel, such as Team State Pro, Excel Templates and Office Templates.

Excel bowling score sheet templates are easy-to-use templates that sync with any PC or cell phone that imports and exports .xls files. They read and write the data entered to standard Excel files, ready for printing or electronic file sharing. The score sheets have rows to record the names of the participants, and columns to record the scores. Mark an “x” for a strike and a backslash for a spare. Excel templates automatically calculate all scores.

To order Team StatPro, choose the link for either the HandHeld version five or version four and follow the link to proceed to payment options. To download the free file from Excel Templates, click on the indicated link. To download the template from Office Templates, click on the bowling score sheet link.