How Do You Create a Birthday Party Program?

Creating a birthday program has two major steps. First, the host needs to solidify plans for the day’s itinerary. Once all of the relevant plans are in place, he should draft a physical program to send to guests.

The host should start by identifying the different activities that will take place during the party, such as opening gifts, playing games, singing “Happy Birthday” and eating cake and ice cream. The host should first make sure that these activities align with the guest of honor’s personal interests, and should then consider whether they would leave other guests adequately entertained.

Once the host chooses the activities, he should arrange them in a way that best optimizes guests’ time and will best keep their attention. The party should start with an activity that grabs the guests’ interest, but that is not so significant that late guests will be disappointed that they missed it. A good suggestion for an opening activity is a getting-to-know-you ice breaker. Save the best activities, such as playing games and opening gifts, for last.

Once a schedule of events is determined, the host can then draft a physical program to send to guests so they know what to expect and can plan accordingly. These programs can simply be drafted by hand or can be designed in a text document on the computer. The top of the program should give a brief overview of the occasion along with key details, including the time and date of the party as well as the venue’s address. Finally, the program should provide an outline of the party’s individual events and the approximate times those events will occur.