What Does Craving Sour Foods Mean?

Craving sour foods can be one of the cravings that women experience when they are pregnant due to hormonal changes, says BabyCenter, or craving sour foods can simply be a craving that exists due to brain chemistry, says WebMD. Many people believe that if they crave one food item, then they must be deficient in that item or that food group, writes WebMD.

However, scientists have found little correlation between cravings and nutrient levels in people. Cravings are actually a sophisticated brain chemistry desire based on pleasure and reward principles, according to WebMD. Cravings can be anything from sour foods to textured foods or sweet foods.

Cravings are responsible for many of the larger waistlines seen in America today. Prevention Magazine writes that cravings are often satisfied when people feel stressed out because they get a craving and immediately eat that food item in an attempt to feel better.

People who experience cravings often should ask themselves when they crave a particular food, “Am I stressed out?” says Prevention Magazine. If the person is stressed, then the cortisol hormone has been released. Instead of reaching for the desired food, exercise should be chosen or a distraction, such as listening to music, should be tried. Distractions make it possible to avoid eating the craved food and to help break the pleasure and reward cycle, according to Prevention Magazine.